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Ages 7-10; 1 hour

Focusing on expressing our emotions through movement and voice, and connecting to the pure and simple joy of moving our bodies to music. There will be free dance, stretching, vocal warm-ups, choreography created from emotion, and more!

Music, Movement,Words&Acting (MMWA)

Ages 11-13; 1 hour

Focusing on expressing our emotions through movement and voice and the power of words. There will be stretching, longer vocal warm-ups (diving into the many different facets of our voices), improvisation games, dramatic readings, and more!

These classes will be completely virtual! No need to arrange pick-up/drop-off for your kids--all you need is a stable internet connection, a charged device from which to join the class, some space to move around, and some water to hydrate. **if enough of the kids in a class are local and able to gather safely in-person, I may look into that when the weather gets warmer.

I will be offering at least three classes per week for each age group, with more to come! As we get started, each class will be $20 per student, and as the number of students grows, I will be offering 10-class passes and monthly memberships. Check the calendar below to see which times work for you! 

Private Lessons

I offer private lessons for both piano and voice. 

Whether you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction to the instrument, or have some experience under your belt and are looking for a fresh perspective--I welcome all ages and experience levels. If you are interested in honing in on a particular skill set without the pressure of performance, or if you're looking to challenge yourself with more performance opportunities--I am happy to guide you along your musical journey at your own pace. 

I offer all prospective students a free 30 minute "trial lesson" where we will meet (virtually), I'll learn a bit more about your musical goals and abilities, and we can decide if we're a good fit from there. To schedule your free trial lesson, just shoot me an email!

Book your free trial lesson now!

My current rates are as follows:


$35/ 30 minute lesson--best for beginners and young students who may                                             struggle maintaining their focus for more than                                               half an hour.


$48/ 45 minute lesson--best for students in middle school and above                                                    with the drive to dig deeper into the                                                                  instrument and practice regularly throughout                                                the week.


$70/ 60 minute lesson--best for students in middle school and above                                                  with the drive and dedication to practice                                                          roughly 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, as well                                              as the desire to work on more than one piece at                                              a time, learn more about music theory, and                                                     challenge themselves both technically and                                                       musically. 

All of my private lessons are currently virtual, but if you are interested in in-person lessons we can look at our schedules and the COVID comfort levels of everyone involved and try to make something work. 

I'm also happy to work with performers on a short-term basis--high schoolers/college kids just looking to prepare for an audition, etc.



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